By downloading and installing ROXAS you agree to the Terms of Use. After submitting the completed form below you will immediately get an email with your personal download link for the ROXAS installation file. Your registration data is exclusively used to keep the ROXAS user database up-to-date and inform about new ROXAS versions.

Please note that ROXAS requires the commercial software Image-Pro Plus v6.1-v7 (Media Cybernetics) to run!

Terms of Use

ROXAS can be used at no cost for research purposes strictly. However, I welcome scientific collaboration in projects using ROXAS to recognize my continuous efforts to improve ROXAS. Scientific involvement is mandatory when requesting support or advice.

For commercial purposes (e.g., when using ROXAS as part of a paid service) and for other agreements, please contact me.

Please send me a pdf copy of any published work including ROXAS-based results.

Standard reference

It is mandatory to refer to at least the following paper when using ROXAS for your research (see additional technical references): von Arx G & Carrer M. 2014. ROXAS - a new tool to build centuries-long tracheid-lumen chronologies in conifers. Dendrochronologia 32:290-293 (PDF)


Note that my capacity to provide technical support is limited and only offered by courtesy and under the terms mentioned above.


ROXAS is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program is with you.

Installation & Updating

  1. Make sure IPP is installed in a location whose path contains no blanks (i.e., ‘C:\IPWIN60’)
  2. Launch ‘ROXAS_XYZ_setup.exe’ and push ‘OK’ in the first window
  3. Change the directory of the installation to your IPP directory (i.e., ‘C:\IPWIN60’) when prompted for the installation path
  4. Copy-paste one to several ROXAS configuration files (*.rsf) into the user application folder. The designated folder opens when pushing Manage configuration files in ROXAS main window (see ROXAS screenshots). Some configuration files are shipped with the ROXAS installation package.


Simply run a newer ‘ROXAS_XYZ_setup.exe’ over an existing older ROXAS installation and follow the instructions (no need to uninstall any older version!)


  1. To remove ROXAS access the Windows Installer (‘Control Panels’ > ‘Add/Remove Software’)
  2. Navigate to ROXAS and push ‘Remove’
  3. Optional: the ROXAS folder within the user application folder that contains the ROXAS configuration files is not automatically removed. It has to be deleted manually.